Friday, October 12, 2007

Yorkton, SK, Gallagher Convention Centre

We slept in. We did breakfast at Mr. Breakfast with some friends before starting out. We went to Value Village to look for cool stuff. We got big coffees to ride with, gassed up, and away. A smooth run up to Yorkton from Regina. In early, we stopped by the Convention Centre, admired the marquee, and confirmed hotel, soundcheck and load-in information. Off to our rooms for a break before getting to work. I spend a little time looking for an internet connection, but give up and return to my room for 40 winks. There's to be a big hockey game tonight, and the visiting team is also staying in our hotel. So far, all is quiet- and I hope it stays that way. We'll be up in the small hours to drive in the morning, so we'll need all the sleep we can get tonight.

Back to the Gallagher, where we load in, set up, rough in the sound. It's a big room with banks of speakers in different locations. The sound tech arrives, we soundcheck in short order. After some adjustments, and some discussion, I think we're good to go. It should be alright. We meet the chef- it's going to be a dinner and show package tonight, so we can look forward to being fed, too! But we need to perform afterwards- small servings, please!

The stage sound is good. The show is good. We have fans in the house keeping the place pumped. We sell a pile of cds, tour jackets, posters. It's a pretty nice night with a whole lot of friendly folks. I spend a few minutes talking to some grain farmers about frost lines, GPS machinery, the cost of fuel, computers. As small businesses we have quite a bit more in common than one might of imagined. I certainly come away with an increased respect for what these families do and how they do it. The only thing "rural" about these folks is their location. They know their blues, and they know the world, too!

Here's one proud family with their rooster, us, and a couple of their spiffy new tour jackets!

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