Friday, December 14, 2007

Big Road Blues Tour- 1 hr. National CBC Broadcast

Just when I thought this Tour was wrapped— last night Canada's national public broadcaster, the CBC, presented a recorded concert of ours on their Radio 2 series "Canada Live." This was recorded back in late October at the Red Onion in Calgary, Alberta.

While it had been a packed, sold out show— and a lot of fun— we had had some technical problems in the first set, and we were kind of worried about the recording. So last night I poured myself a shot and sat down to hear the show. From the start, no worries. Our show was recorded and edited really, really well! The CBC Calgary team did an amazing job of presenting a Big Road Blues Tour concert!

If you missed the Tour— or missed the broadcast— you can visit a CBC website called Concert on Demand where you can play back the show on your computer. Check it out at
It's pretty neat that we can do this now! Anyway, it's a great chance to visit, or re-visit the Tour, and get a sense of what it was like and how we were received. Don't forget to explore this Tour Blog, if you have not already done so.