Saturday, October 20, 2007

Duncan Garage Showroom, Duncan, BC - Sold Out Show!

After a well deserved sleep, Dave and I were up and off to Duncan, BC. This town is only a couple of hours from Port Alberni, so it was almost like a rest day, and we took our time driving south- taking in the magnificent views along the way. More rain and clouds, but also a little bit of sun.

At Duncan, we arrived early and checked into our hotel rooms for another rest. We're feeling pretty good, but I notice that we are spending more of our free time sleeping than we were earlier in the tour! Here's two of our tourist shots-

Sound check at 6:45. John tells us that 50 advance tickets have been sold, and that he expects the night to sell out. It does!! I'm not used to doing shows where people need to be turned away! What a great venue, too.

The Duncan Garage Showroom is in an old garage building- very old, so it's all wood and brick. The concert room has perfect sight lines- theatre seating- a wonderful stage, PA, lights, etc. John did a great job getting us set up with our choice of mics, monitor mixes.. Made us feel very spoiled. He's done this 800 times before- so he's got it right down. I knew from the start that this was going to be a great show!

A great listening audience! Dave and I sold quite a few CDs between shows and raffled off another tour jacket. There are not many left, now. After an ovation and an encore we hung out with John and the staff for a while to unwind. Great job everybody!! Thanks so much. No pics of the venue, sorry. It was simply so busy and crazy that we completely forgot about the camera. Off to Hornby in the morning!

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