Friday, October 26, 2007

Dream Cafe, Penticton, BC, One of the Great Rooms- Sold Out

This is one of the great acoustic music rooms in Canada. A sell out night for us. A real Dream. Go there! It was a short, but pretty drive down the valley to get here today. Our quarters are a wonderful apartment just doors away from the venue. As we arrived in good time, we retired to our rooms for a snooze, and then went out on the town to do odds and ends. Dave to do banking, and me to find an internet connection. The banking worked out, but I couldn't get connected- only one terminal on the main street, and some kids had it locked up. Oh, well! I dropped into the local record store and bought Steve Earle's "Definitive Collection" as a gift for my son, Alasdair. We had picked up another copy for the tour van earlier. Nice collection.

Back to the club for soundcheck and dinner. The food is way over the top! Pierre knows food and is a master of it! We had a great meal and then went back to our apartment to chill for a while before the show. We are apparently sold out for this evening! It's a great, warm room, with really good sight lines and lovely sound- so we are very much looking forward to performing here.

The show turns out to be a dream as well. A really nice, listening crowd, a pleasure to be with and play for! We do "Schoolgirl" for an encore, and everybody goes home happy. The kitchen gives us desert treats to take back to our apartment, and after a quick snack we are in the wrapper. Early start in the morning!

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