Monday, October 15, 2007

High River, AB

Hung out in Black Diamond for most of the day eating vitamins, fighting this cold and catching up on email and the Blog. A nice drive over to High River where we arrived at Mel's Music late in the afternoon. Outside we met Mel himself with Ken Hamm and Bruce Everett, who had driven in from Calgary for the show. Kevin Belsner sold us some harmonica's and then took us across the street to the venue. The drive from Black Diamond looked like this-

Demand had been so great for tickets that our show had been moved to the old town hall which was across the street and around the corner! Great! Monday night in High River, AB was looking up. Ken, Bruce and I went for a beer while the sound guy got the system up. Dave met us and we went down the main street for coffee before the show. The weather remains perfect- we've been wearing the lightweight tour jackets and the fall colours have been beautiful. Again, very cool to be running into Ken Hamm out here. He's been at it as long or longer than Dave and I, and is perhaps better known to folk festival audiences than in the blues world. Ken should be much better known- he's been real good for way over 30 years now. Check him out if you have not heard him yet.

Another great listening crowd. Near capacity house. Dave and I had a fun time. Our show continues to get more relaxed, and the banter more interesting! We had Ken and Bruce come up to play a tune before the end of the show, and I asked Bruce up to join Dave and I for a triple harmonica encore- "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl." Suitcase James also paid us a visit, wish he'd come to play! Next time, eh, Suitcase?
Here's a couple of "musician pictures." Bruce, Suitcase, Dave, Ken, and myself.

Bruce and I.

We'll be up early to do banking and then eight or nine hours of driving to Enderby, BC. I can (more or less) sing again, rather than the raspy grind I've been passing off for the last couple of days. Dave says hi!!

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