Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blue Chair, Edmonton, AB

A long day. Six AM start to drive from Yorkton, SK to Edmonton. We needed to get to Edmonton for a 3:30 soundcheck at CKUA. We got in with about half an hour to spare and had time to meet host Holger Petersen for coffee before getting too busy. The show went off really well- stories, a bunch of laughs and few live songs on the radio. My cold is leaning in hard on me so I'm using Halls and hot water between songs! Holger, Dave and I have known each other since the mid 1970's, so getting togther on his radio show was relaxed fun for all of us. It was nice to learn that our show at the Blue Chair was sold out! Good! Our pals Ken Hamm, Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick are also playing gigs in town on this evening- so we tried to plug their shows instead of our own. Get out and hear some great live blues, folks!

Over to the Blue Chair for soundcheck. It's easy to get around Edmonton as the streets are numbered instead of named, so getting across town did not involve too much stress. Owner Harold was waiting for us and helped us in with our gear. He had us soundchecked and up sounding good in no time. This is clearly a top notch listening room. We were to learn that the food is also very, very good.

Soon the place is packed- every seat reserved and pre-sold! Nice to be in a venue that takes care of business. The shows went off really nicely.

Somebody put a clip up on YouTube- I haven't got the link yet, put will put it up here when I do. (OK, heard it- sound is very, very rough. Oh, well. Thanks for trying!) Holger Petersen joined us for drinks between sets- showing off his new, Big Road Blues tour jacket. This was our gift to Holger- hey, good swag, eh? Hey, how come he's not wearing it for the photo?

We were also to sell several tour jackets over the evening, as well as the raffle jacket. Folks from Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary showed up to take in second and third shows. Boy, it sure is nice- I can't say how much we appreciate this kind of support and encouragement! A couple of ovations and encores at the end, and we're finally back on the road looking for our hotel. By 2:AM we're checked into what turned out to be a stinking little joint and ready for sleep.

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