Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kenora, ON

Big day to get here! I flew in from Toronto this morning, and Dave picked me up at the airport in his Cadillac. Nice ride. We picked up the rental van, and the western swing of the Big Road Blues Tour is in motion!

A capacity show at Kenora. We performed in a ballroom at the downtown Best Western- sold a pile of CDs and had a fun time raffling off a tour jacket. A whole bunch of Dave and Doc fans showed up, too. Nice to be on the western swing! We're on a roll now and can do no wrong! Promoter Mort Goss took us back to his place in the deep woods after the show. Wolves in the yard! Wild business. Mort and his partner showed us plenty of northern hospitality, and taught us the best way to make oatmeal. Good gig. It was pretty neat to visit this town.

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