Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blue Grotto, Kamloops, BC

A great mountain drive from Enderby into Kamloops! The sun catching all sorts of angles on the strange, humpy hills that envelop this little city. After checking into our hotel we went down to the club for soundcheck. Another nice one! The Blue Grotto has a mostly wooden interior, great sightlines, quality stage, sound and lighting. We got set up and sounding good in just a few minutes time. Nice to have a sound guy that really understands EQ! Thanks Tony!!

Talked to the folks from 92.5 FM for a while before the show.

Vince and his blues partner have been big supporters on their Monday and Tuesday night blues shows- really much appreciated! Dave and I did some station IDs for them, and later Dave sat down and told some longer stories for broadcast. Pics and stuff later when I can get to a terminal with brains. (I'm back with pics...) Here's a pic of me with a local guitar hero- we brought him a rooster from his family in Yorkton, SK... Oh, that's a different kind of story. All great blues folks, the kind we like to meet over and over again.

An early start here- we went on at about 8:15 and played a first set that was about an hour and a quarter. Not the house we would of hoped for, but by intermission the room was quite busy- so we had a good house going into our second set. An early ending here. Back at the hotel before midnight to get on line and deal with press releases and the ferry schedules ahead of us. We'll be on our way to Vancouver in the morning, after which the tour moves out to the Islands for a few days. Can't wait!!!

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Great to read your tour blog. Can't wait to see more pictures. - The Brits and Ma. Ma says "Hi Doc"