Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lorenzo's Cafe, Enderby, BC

A stunning drive though the mountains to get here today. We drove up route 40, bipassing Calgary city sprawl and seeing plenty of wildlife. We took quite a few pictures on the way. Way too many, actually! I remember doing this the first time I visited the Grand Canyon. But this is Canada, and the pics are digital, so who cares! Our perfect day has clouds now, sometimes level with, or in the valleys down below our road. There has been snow here, up in the high country, and it's remains can be seen here and there along these empty roads. Didn't see more than a couple of cars in 150 km up to the TransCanada. Here's what it looked like:

Nice, huh? We had Jimmy and Stevie cranked up in the truck to start off this drive- I think the cd is "Brother to Brother" or something like that. The album has held up surprisingly well over the years. It was great music on this empty road. Then we got out J.B. Lenoir- a cool recording featuring him and Willie Dixon talking and jamming. Fred McDowell and Johnny Woods was the chaser. The Fat Possum issue of this old field recording is possibly one of the greatest country blues albums. I'd heard one or two of these tracks before, but not the whole collection. Amazing. That's what it's all about. Go there.

We rolled into Lornzo's in late afternoon. It's a great little place, built by Lorne- a "woodland paradise." We did a very good show. Great sound. A few people who knew Dave from Saskatoon and Winnipeg showed up to say hello and catch the Big Road Blues Tour. We get quite a few of Dave's fans seeking us out. An excellent house, especially as it is Tuesday night! How do all these people find this place? This is very "west," if I may say so- people don't seem to mind driving long distances to catch shows. People were in tonight from Salmon Arm and Kamloops. I guess they know these mountain roads, I'd think the drive would be a little bit of work in the dark with frost on the road! I'll put up some pics when I can get a terminal with brains! (That would be now- Hi! I'm back, weeks later to drop these in!). Lorne built this place out of a one room school house into a large, multi-floored venue. It's got great, high ceilings, wonderful sound, wood everywhere- bowling alley motif, as Lorne used salvaged wood to construct this one of a kind concert room. And he serves fabulous meals. And the bar is good. And the company is wonderful. Go visit, say "hi" to Lorne and his staff.

Off to Kamloops, BC in the morning. First we'll stop by the river to see the salmon run. This place is so far from the ocean it is absolutely incredible that the fish can make it here to spawn. Addendum: The run was pretty much over by this time, but we did see dozens of big, pink slow moving fish down below the bridge. This is what it looked like, early in the morning, just a mile from Lorenzo's Cafe. A short drive today- good! Dave says, hi!!

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