Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Acoustic Grill, Picton, ON

Blow that Big Smoke, we're gone! Dropped into Grossman's Tavern on Spadina last night and caught a few songs by the Wickham-Knight band. They've got a new name now, but it escaped me in all of the excitement. On the Big Road and down into beautiful Prince Edward County.

The Acoustic Grill is a really nice venue in Picton, ON. Steve is bringing in all kinds of great shows, and the walls are covered with signed pictures of everybody. Neat. The Galaxie blues in the background is great, too. It rained most of the day, but by showtime it is warm and clear, and people are coming in.

Dave and I are eating quality food here. steve makes the best salads this blues guy has ever had, anywhere. Hands down. This is not rabbit food!! The sound was great, the audience loyal and attentive. Some folks drove out from Kingston and Guelph to catch this show. Thank you so much- those are pretty long drives for a night out!

We really had fun playing this show. I think we played great, too. I look forward to coming back to this club. Picton is cool. We're going shopping at the Giant Tiger in the morning, and then we'll be on the road to Ottawa. The trees have mostly turned color- so it's going to be a beautiful drive up the backroads.

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