Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Rainbow, Ottawa, ON

Another perfect day out here in southern Ontario. Checked out of our B&B and spent a little time doing merch inventory and organization. After checking into the local library to do the blog on their computer, we had a relaxed ride to the ferry, and a more relaxed ride into Kingston, ON.

Arriving early in Ottawa we went directly to the club and found it pretty easily. Both Dave and I have done this one before, so we had it figured out. Actually, Mapquest helped quite a bit. From the club to our hotel proved a little more difficult in rush hour traffic- it took us an hour and twenty minutes to get to the hotel from the club- and it wasn't that far!! Here's some of what we saw on the way.
A late start at the Rainbow. It's a spit level club with a friendly bar and a big stage. Dave, our sound guy, is right on the money and has us up in no time. The monitors are near perfect and the mains seem to be top notch as well. We play a very good show to a small house. One guy from Calgary came by and brought some friends, and we had an amazing joke session at the bar. "So what did the elephant say to the naked guy?" An early night and back to our hotel!

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