Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saskatoon- Another Sold out show!

Down to Underdog Music first thing this morning for urgent guitar repairs. We've called ahead, so Paul is waiting for us, and soon Dave's National is in pieces on the table. Something to do with the cone partially collapsing. This is interesting stuff, and we pow-wow over how to raise the action enough so that the guitar can be played in tonight's show. Eventually, Paul ignores all of our suggestions and figures something out.

I took a few minutes to catch up on email in the store office and found out that Big Dave has been nominated MBA (Maple Blues Award) for Acoustic Act of the Year! This was an entirely unexpected surprise, and I am thrilled that the Big Road Blues Tour featuring Big Dave McLean and Doc MacLean has apparently had a national impact. I'd certainly be more thrilled if we shared the honour, but Dave's nomination is a nice and well deserved nod to all the hard work. Congrats, Dave!! I went upstairs to tell him, but he thought I was joking- it wasn't until later in the day I finally convinced him.

Other "Acoustic Act" nominees include the duos:

Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley
Harry Manx & Kevin Breit
Dawn Tyler Watson & Paul Deslauriers

Guitar fixed, Dave bought a Dan, and we both bought new tuners. Off to the new hotel to sleep before sound check. The gig tonight is sponsored by the Saskatoon Blues Society, and we are pleased to learn that it is sold out. The West has been good.

A quick sound check with a good sound man. Josh is on the case- everything sounds good on and off stage, and the place is packed. It's an upscale sort of supper club, and it looks like about two hundred people, maybe more. Show time, and Dave and I have a ball. This crowd is with us, and this duo can do no wrong. These last shows have really been fun- more and more fun. We're getting pretty comfortable working together and it's having a big impact on our delivery! We end up with a gospel encore which I take off-mic and through the house. A ton of CDs get sold, we raffle off one of the last tour jackets... A great night. Saskatoon Blues Society member Al Wood took a pile of pictures, here's a few samples:

Back to the hotel to drop our gear, and then down to Bud's on Broadway to hang out and sit in with the band. We'll go back to our hotel and sleep late. A rest day! Of course we need to get Dave's guitar fixed again, so we'll be back at Underdog in the morning for another swing at repairs.

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Joan said...

FABULOUS Show, Gentlemen!!
Of the shows for October......YOURS surpassed all expectations ! Big Dave is always a hit in Saskatoon and Doc, you were a most splendid bonus!!
I enjoyed every moment of the show.
And the pictures? Well, isn't he just the most talented man? His photos always capture the essence of the performers. Talent, yes. But also a love of the music makes him the artist that he is.It is deep in our souls.