Friday, October 5, 2007

The Yellow Door, Montreal

Great to be back in Montreal. We checked into our hotel and headed out to Swartz's Deli for dinner. Shared a table with a couple of charming young ladies, and had our first major language difficulty as Dave's dinner arrived! Not a medium smoked meat sandwich, but a giant plate of medium smoked meat. Dave dug in like a good sport, and had enough left for sandwiches at the hotel later in the evening.

Got our truck back from valet parking at the hotel. Sure wasn't fast, or worth $18 and change and tip. A quick run over to the gig. The Yellow Door is one of Canada's oldest coffeehouses- left over from the draft-dodger days, when it was once a major information center and meeting place for American refugees. I remember the place being jammed to the rafters 6 nights a week, with lunch being served as well. We used to sleep up in the chapel, and carouse around town after gigs. At that time the place was filled with poets and musicians. Everybody who was anybody played there at one time or another. So here's a slice of history, and I'm bringing Big Dave to be a part of it.

Rolling up to the door I saw no sign of any of our Tour posters, or any other indication that Dave and I were to be playing a show there. Everyone was very friendly in a coffeehouse kind of way- but the evening turned out to be the sleeper I had imagined it would be when I saw there were no posters up. I gotta admit, I get a little put off when this kind of thing happens- but what can you say to a bunch of volunteers- try harder? At least if there's money involved one can vent! We resolved to have fun anyway! Richard Carr, a Montreal blues singer-guitarist, came out to open the night for us. I'd met Richard last year in Memphis, so it was nice to connect with him again in Canada. He's a smooth singer/player and was well received by the Montreal audience. He's also a pretty good photographer- took the nice pics of Dave and I. Thanks, Richard! Off to Ste Hyacinthe in the morning!

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