Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Exchange, Regina, SK

This was a blast. The Exchange is a wonderful concert venue, and the Regina Delta Blues Association sure knows how to put on a show. We had great sound, lights, monitors, and hospitality on a huge stage in this vintage building. It was a good haul out of Kenora to get to Regina today, but the van is comfortable, and cruises well. We had Muddy cranked up on the stereo, the weather was nice, road life was good. Here's what it looked like-

Nice shoes, dude.

We went over to Long and McQuade Music to check out portastudios before loading in. I had thought that maybe we'd rent one and record a bunch of shows along the way. We elect not to do this. We will regret not recording some of these shows, but the truth of the matter is that we are carrying all the gear that two guys can manage to pack in and out in the context of doing a show. We've got the merch booth, the merch, the inventory sheets, the guitars, stands, suitbags... We decide that we simply do not have enough hands for another piece of gear, nor do we have time to worry about setting it up or operating it. Maybe we'll get to record a show somewhere down the road.

Soundcheck was quick and easy- are we getting spoiled? The show went well.

We had fun and played a couple of encores before calling it a night. Here's the lucky tour jacket winner!

I couldn't find a late night food place near my hotel, so I bought a soft drink and surfed the channels for a few minutes before going to sleep. Regina seems nice and friendly. I can't play here often enough!

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