Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Stop, Black Diamond, AB

An easy drive down from Edmonton on a perfect day. We had breakfast with Ken Hamm and Bruce Everett, who had been doing a show elsewhere in Edmonton last night. Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick were also in town to play, but we were not able to connect with them for the country blues breakfast. Anyway, we had a good time catching up, and the lads will be coming down to our show in High River, AB on Tuesday night. The ride south looked like this:

Rolling into Black Diamond- wow- what a great looking town. Neat little place with the mountains as a backdrop. It was biker day at the The Stop, so the street was clogged with choppers as we pulled in and looked for a spot to unload our gear. The Stop was already pretty much packed with people waiting to hear us. It was a listening audience and, again, they were with us from the start!

This is what the place looks like from the other side-

My cold is still giving me grief, but I managed to croak my way through the first set without too much trouble. Of course, I had to sing at full volume all the time to be heard at all, but the crowd was kind, so it worked out. At half time some gals from Calgary took me next door to the Black Diamond Hotel, where they bought me bourbon- which seemed to help quite a bit! Met Suitcase James in the parking lot, so cool that he came out- man, I love his playing. He does no wrong!

The Stop is a great little venue with a fabulous bunch of people who hang out there. Between sets everybody went outside for a chicken toss (yes, that's right- toss the chicken into a pail and win the pot!). This was actually pretty cool fun, and a good time was had by all.

For our last set the room was packed with people standing in every available space! They gave us a standing ovation at the end, and Dave and I came back on and played a piece with two harmonicas. That was cool. Did I tell you before that Dave has got me playing harp again? I really hadn't played in the last twenty years! We got going the first night in Halifax, which was little scary for me. Thank goodness no working harp dogs were in the front row! Anyway, with thirty some odd dates behind us it's now quite a bit easier- and it seems to be going down pretty well. I'm having fun with it. Heck, that used to be my life, blowing harp. And I'm really liking Dave's harp playing alot. I'm gonna miss him when this tour is over- he does great stuff with my songs.

Came back with my new pals Rick, and Suzanne and "Hoogy" Hoogstraten, had a great dinner- after which we played some music long into the night. Sometimes life is very good! Dave says "hi." Here's Dave and Rick having tea:
Suzanne, Hoogy and I had the stronger stuff and enjoyed ourselves, too!

Hoogy was a real cowboy before becoming an in demand film cowboy. Isn't he handsome? (Just kidding, Hoogy!) And he's a great clawhammer banjo player.
Not often I meet folks I enjoy as much as these! I'm really looking forward to staying in touch with all my new friends in Black Diamond, Alberta. The town has a great sense of community, and a great vibe, I can't wait to return!


Anonymous said...

"A good time was had by all... even the chicken!!" - Phil Guitah, Piddlehinton, England

Anonymous said...

"A good time was had by all... even the chicken" - Phil Guitah, Piddlehinton, England