Sunday, September 16, 2007

Travel Day

Went by the festival offices this morning to pick up our merch and to say our good-byes. As Joe's was closed we got coffee from Tim's and hit the road. New Brunswick looks like this as it goes by the truck window. Soon enough we reached the Quebec border, and had a great time singing all the French words we could remember. I try to convince Dave to try and convince Holger that his next album will be called "The Milkmaid, She Sings Her Happy Song." As I am the ONLY member of this tour not on Stony Plain Records, I am quite naturally anxious to share my greatest marketing ideas with them. Dave is not convinced, but continues to sing the song hour after hour anyway.
Dave had never been to Quebec City, so we rolled in around dusk for a quick look at the old town. This used to be a great blues city- at one time there were several clubs and there were gigs seven nights a week. I was telling Dave how I used to do shows here with Colin Linden, Mose Scarlett, Champaign Charlie and others. We had some wild times for sure! On our visit it was pretty quiet. It seems more and more like a movie set with tourists wandering about. It would have been nice to stop off and play some shows, but for the second year in a row it was impossible to find a venue. There is one blues radio show out of Quebec City, and when I emailed the host to ask about venues he seemed to have no idea at all. None of the Quebec based blues artists I talked to were able to provide any info either. Dead city? I don't think so. Walled city? Yes, in more ways than one.

We blasted on down Route 20 to get into cheaper digs for the night. Here's Dave showing off a high quality, road room. At least the place was quiet as we were ready for some serious sleep.

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