Thursday, September 13, 2007

Harvest Jazz and Blues, Fredericton, NB

Oh, man, talk about an early start. we got at least three hours sleep before firing up the truck and rolling into the nearest Tims for some serious coffee. On the road right quick, we needed to make Fredericton for an 11:AM sound check and set up. The Confederation Bridge was pretty neat, and we otherwise had a fast run into Fredericton. After picking up our ID from the festival office we headed over to meet the sound crew and stage manager.

A pretty fair crowd came out for this noon hour show. Met Gayle and John from Kincardine and talked about our upcoming show there. CBC television shot chunks of this show and did interviews with Dave and I after the show. I guess it went to air in a good slot as people were stoping me on the street later to say they'd seen me and "my brother."

We two brothers of the Big Road proceded to check in to the Delta Fredericton, where we have a house gig over the festival. Nice rooms, nice little jazz lounge. After unloading our gear we set up for our next show. The phone is busy at the bar with various musician pals checking in on us. We'll try to make it to Matchstick Mike's show after we get finished up. Bird Stafford is playing with him this week, so it should be fun. Gotta run and tune. Dave says "hi." -Doc

Here's a late pic somebody sent me- Doc, Matchstick, and Watermelon Slim. Where's Big Dave?

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