Sunday, September 23, 2007

Carrigan Arms, Burlington, ON

Loading out at a reasonable hour, we drank hotel coffee, bought batteries and office supplies and cruised around town until we found a likely breakfast joint. An easy drive down the big highway to Burlington, ON, where we slept in the parking lot for a couple of hours. We woke to Halton Blues Society president James Anthony unloading gear next to us. Again, an easy load in- we've got it down now. The room seemed kind of quiet, a nice, big empty pub. But it was Sunday afternoon.

Start time rolled around, and it was still kind of quiet- maybe thirty or forty people in the room. James and the Halton executive had us wait another half hour, by which time the place was pretty packed with Halton Blues Society members and supporters. A couple of guys at the bar said they had seen us at the Harvest Blues and Jazz the week before, and they'd brought their friends along. Cool- still wishing more people had seen us in Fredericton- but we've got a good crowd here tonight.This is Stella. Seemed like a good idea at the time...

Our first show went really well, and we sold a large number of cd's between sets. The jacket raffle goes well, too. These are fun- we're enjoying this part of the Tour. Now we are autographing the jackets. They are going fast- I hope we have enough to last for the rest of the Tour.

Second show was great fun with James Anthony sitting in on mandolin and guitar. He nailed everything we tossed him- a top notch player and clearly a home town favourite. James has worked really hard to organize the Blues Society, and he's got a fine bunch to share the organizational load. We'll play some more in the future. Thanks for a great night, James. Anybody who lives in that part of the world might want to check out the weekly, Blues Society sponsored Jams at the Carrigan Arms. They get a big turnout most days, so turnout yourself and support the local scene!

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