Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oasis, Windsor, ON, Blues Museum & Hall of Fame

A quick trip to Windsor after leaving Grape Jam. We all had a good time at the festival and so arrived at Oasis, Place Concorde, Windsor, ON, in high spirits. Dave was to be inducted into the Canadian Blues Hall of Fame later this evening, so there were a couple of television and radio crews preping to do interviews. Dave ducked into the Brown Room to suit up for his first television interview, while I roughed out our gear on stage and met the tech guys.

Dave's interviews went off beautifully- he had the place laughing from the start. I hustled around, trying to get some stills of the whole thing, but my camera began giving the "low battery" sign. Jeez, we put new batteries in at breakfast! Cheapo crap, I guess.

We each did interviews with the local cable company. They have a show that covers musicians and their gear! I got to talk to a young interviewer about glass vrs. deep socket slides, Marine Band vrs Special 20 harmonicas- stuff like that. Heck, I didn't think anybody cared! Anyway, induction time rolled around quickly enough.

Ted Boomer and South Canada Blues Society president Bernie had given us the grand tour of the Museum. It's a huge, cool undertaking with seed money from Martin Scorsese. On the walls of the Blues Museum are signed photos from many blues greats, both Canadian and American, along with big blue stars documenting their induction and histories. The Museum also collects books, photos, recordings, and aims to create an archive that can be used by future researchers, fans, and players. Dave was thrilled and honoured to be inducted, and it was an honour to be there with him for this event.

The ceremony itself was fairly short. After a little intro Dave's star was unveiled, his bio read out. Dave then made an acceptance speech. Patti and Ted and I all wondered what he was going to say!! Great speech, Dave! You got away with it!

Most people reading this blog probably know quite a bit about Dave already. His friends up and down the line will know he's a pretty modest guy. It's good then, that we can all brag about him and celebrate his life and career. Dave has had an enormous influence on the music scene in western Canada. He's certainly known and loved all the way across this country. I'm honoured to sit and play beside him every night. Congrats Dave!!

After the induction we performed a one hour set for cable television and for members and friends of the South Canada Blues Society. Here's the stage, ready to go.

Merch was selling as quick as we could stock it.

Then it was off to our next gig of the night- a fundraiser for the Downtown Mission. A quick break down of gear, load out, we're off!!

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