Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mario's, Windsor, ON

It took us a few minutes to pack our gear from Place Concorde, but soon enough we were tearing across town to our next gig. Ted Boomer was leading us through town at a pretty good clip, but we made it- and the club had reserved a parking spot for us right out front. The staff at Mario's were waiting to help us load in and set up, so by about 11:30 we were ready to dig in.

It was a noisy, but appreciative crowd out to support the Blues and the Downtown Mission and we had a good time playing for them. During the second set a couple of hot young women entertained us with THEIR moves on the little dance floor in front of the stage! This portion of the evening played out much too quickly for me, but dinner was waiting, sans desert. After a couple of encore numbers we were escorted to a semi-private room in the back where we were treated to a truly wonderful Italian meal. Mario's is classic Italian, right down to the checkered table cloth decor and the impecable manners and service.
It's not good, but this is the only pic we've got. Maybe somebody can send us some good ones? Dave and Patti and I had a great time hanging out with Ted, Bernie, Little John and a whole bunch of other folks associated with the Canada South Blues Society. Such a good time was had that we almost forgot to get paid. But we were kind of tired, having done three gigs plus all the media today! A great day for Dave. Back to the hotel for a well deserved rest. Dave and Patti will be up early to get her off to the airport and home. I'm gonna sleep and sleep.

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