Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Silver Dollar Room, Toronto

The Silver Dollar is one of my favourite rooms in Canada, so we were very much looking forward to this show. As a special, early event we were wondering how it would work out. A great night! Dave and I had a ball playing this legendary club. Many friends from near and far came out, including quite a few members of the Toronto Blues Society. One of Dave's oldest friends, John McTaggart surprised him with his presense. The sound was, from our position on stage, world class, and allowed us to deliver everything we wanted to. Thanks Vlad! Sound at the Dollar is always top flight. Gary Kendall was on hand to deliver the Silver Dollar hospitality, and it was a good night all around. We sold way more tour jackets and cds than we had expected- that's a good sign, for sure!
Here's the lucky winner of the Tour jacket raffle at the Dollar show! We raffle off a custom made tour jacket most nights. These are way cool. You need one! Dave says, hi!

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