Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Travel Day 2 and a Rest Day

Off to see M. Timm in the AM. Extra gross (that's big here), extra black, extra hot, and the Big Road Blues Tour was back in motion. Later in the day we rolled through Montreal, where we visited Swartz's Deli for an early lunch and then took a run up to the Fairmont Bagel. We loaded up with a couple dozen for the road, and soon we were on the big highway, 401, blasting through Ontario toward the Big Smoke. We'll be back to Montreal in a couple weeks time.

Toronto is where I hang my hat when I'm not out playing. Here's Dave checking out some of my clutter- yes, it's a 1953 J.C. Higgens Colorflow.

We're going to be based out of my place for a few days, so we can bomb around in my '63 Galaxie. It's got a big motor, so it doesn't tour anymore. We took it out the following night to visit Julian Fauth, who was playing in the west end. Nice to hear him again!

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