Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anything with Yarmouth on it, darlin'?

Left the MacLean B&B well fed and decided to take the small roads down the coast to Digby. We hadn't been long for the road before we spotted a car in the ditch ahead of us. Pulling over we met a couple of lawyers from Delaware, a little bit shaken, but more sheepish than anything else. Dave and I got the tow rope out of the back of our truck and were getting ready to tie up and give it a pull by the time local help arrived. Didn't take long to get them out and on their way, and soon we were back on track to another fine highway day. Stopped at Anapolis Royal for an internet break, and then on to Yarmouth where our hosts Dale and Eva prepared us local seafood for dinner.

Capt. Kelly's had a good crowd out- despite rolling fog and rain coming up in the early evening. Dave had spent the day trying out "Yar-mouth" jokes on me, and fortunately most of them were lost on the crowd! Actually, this was one of the quietest pub shows Dave or I have ever played- folks sat very still and listened to everything- more like a little concert room. The organizers, Dale and Andy, are hoping to bring blues and roots shows to Yarmouth on a regular basis, and with audiences like the one that came out for us this should be no problem! Andy got the Yarmouth tour jacket, and it fits and looks sharp! Jake took pictures, and although I can't upload them on this hotel computer, here's a link to his photo page- http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=4479&id=500183210

We all stayed up too late, and it will be an early start in the morning as we head up the road to Prince Edward Island. Dave says, "hi." - Doc

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