Monday, September 10, 2007

Down time on Fundy

Great sleep. Rain out over the Berwick, NS main street. We headed down to drink coffee in the cafe. Heather brought her laptop in and helped me get photos off my new camera onto a cd. I was able to do some updates to the Blog before we lost power, but not quite enough! Anyway, it was good to catch up as we've been pretty busy.

Into Kentville to do some banking, and off for a day exploring the Fundy shore. Dave and I did some great circles on the back roads, winding up at Margaretville where we saw the "MacLean B&B." Of course we had to stop off, and they had to take us. A quiet night trading stories with a big view of the Bay behind us. Dave wanted to make sure that I said he said "hi" to everybody.

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