Friday, September 7, 2007

Two-Headed Bluesman Stalks Halifax

Spent the night in Fredericton and stayed up too late jamming with Matchstick Mike. This morning it was off to Joe's Diner for breakfast, a visit with some friends in Hammertown, and then out to pick up a digital camera. Here's the first pic in the parking lot to see if it worked- it does! Cool!

Mike told me it was a short drive to Halifax, and it was- at about 85 mph. Got Big Dave at the airport with minutes to spare. We headed straight on into Halifax to the gig. Stayner's Wharf is a funky little spot and it was biker night so the Hogs were lined up outside waiting for us as we arrived. The poster on the door said that "Big Doc McLean" was playing that night, and management seemed surprised to see that there were two of us! That taken care of we hit the stage. At the end of the first song of our first set some fine gent came up and tipped us $40. I said to Dave that I thought that was a pretty good sign. Despite the snafu listing us quite a few folks made it down for the show, including some charming ladies from the Atlantic Blues Society and some fans from Ontario. Thanks everybody! We'll be back!

Hotel time! This tour is off to a nice start! Dave says "Hey."

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