Saturday, September 22, 2007

Grape Jam

Up early and on the highway for an afternoon show at a the Grape Jam Acoustic Blues Festival, where we are headlining. It turns out to be a beautiful spot near Lake Erie- the grounds of the Smith and Wilson winery. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes out of Windsor. We roll in early and are treated to plenty of south western Ontario hospitality! Wine was flowing, if not freely, certainly in quantity. Anybody interested in quality, limited edition wines should visit this Estate near Blenheim, ON.

As we unloaded backstage I heard a big voice and was pleased to see that Paul Langille was up front. I've heard this guy on and off for many years- big tubes, and can sing anything. We chatted for a few minutes after his show. He's based in London, ON and is, no doubt, well known in that area.

Caught up with festival director John Gardiner annd his wife Carole. Always a pleasure to hang out with these folks, and they've done a great job yet again mounting this festival!

The show on before us was not an acoustic act, but John liked them and made an exception. Daddy Long Legs is a quartet of younger guys out of Kitchener, ON. Dave and I were pretty impressed by their mostly original tunes and by the delivery and musicianship. Also, they are all nice guys and serious about what they do. I don't know what their plans are, but I'd sure hope that they get some opportunities to play over broader territories. I told them I'd tell people about them. So, yeah, you promoters- hire these guys.

Our set was fun. The wine was probably having an effect on the crowd by the time we came out- they were pretty enthusiastic! After the show we sold a couple of tour jackets- one to a guy named Dave McLean, who was going to wear it to work next day! Actually there were at least THREE guys on site named "Dave MacLean." Never rains, it pours, eh?!!
The Green Room had a nice deck we relaxed on. That's the life, boys.

Then, on to what we do best! Showtime under the big tent for the Big Road Blues Tour!

Back on the road to make a 6:PM sound check at the Blues Museum. It's been fun. I wish I could hang out and sample more of the wines- but we've got a big night ahead of us yet.

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