Monday, September 10, 2007

Union St. Cafe, Berwick, NS

Another great day in Nova Scotia! Ian fed us a Captain's breakfast at Mersey House, and after saying our good-byes Dave and I headed north along the shore roads. Our lunch, coffee and postcard stop was Lunenburg. We were lucky that the Bluenose was at home, so we went on board and took some snaps. International readers will note that this is a tall masted ship, a replica of the one that appears on the back of the Canadian ten cent coin. Walking up the street we noticed a Morgan Davis poster in the window of a shop, and sure enough they had his new cd. Dave bought one, and you should, too. Morgan is a good pal of ours, a true friend of the blues who writes great songs and plays with an infinite sense of cool.

Time next to get over to Berwick, NS to find the Union St. Cafe. We cut across on hwy 10, passing through some pretty wild country until arriving at the Annapolis valley. We'd already had some venison and vegetables from the area, and had been told that less legal forms of cash crop were now a big part of the local economy. No proof of that came our way, but we did quickly find our way to the club.

Jenny and the other staff at the Union quickly made us at home. After being well fed and having a quick sound check we were ready to play. Meanwhile our pal Ross Neilson and his girl joined us. Nice to see Ross, a great young player, singer, songwriter, blues guy. Soon after Matt Andersen joined us, too. These guys are pretty popular on the east coast, so there was a little buzz in the room once they had both arrived. These lads sat right up front, so after our first set we made them (no, we asked them and they graciously agreed to) play a couple of numbers. I've been a Matt Andersen fan for several years now, so it was great to meet him. What a singer and guitar player! Dave's done some festivals with him already, so he made the introduction.

We had a pretty good house, some folks coming a considerable distance to hear us, and another enjoyable time on stage. I'm really, really liking Dave's new songs. I know how popular his older ones are for some people... but the new ones-yeah! Oh, yeah! Also, we played the heck out of some of mine. I think we did the best Angola Prison Rodeo I have ever played or sung. Dave's harp put it there for me. This Big Road Blues Tour is picking up!!

Back in our room we've got a TV with only one channel, and sure enough when we turn it on there is a guy in a preacher's collar mumbling about something. With the sound off, Dave and I sit and swap stories late into the night. Again, life is good on the Blues Highway. And Dave says "hi."- Doc MacLean

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