Thursday, September 13, 2007

C'Town and Truck Trouble

Dale's family was up and off to work at a very early hour, so we headed down to the local Tim's for some extra large coffee's and then made our start for Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
Yes, we kicked around Kentville, NS, looking for trouble. I couldn't join the army, but Dave had to send flowers.

A pretty uneventful drive to the ferry terminal where we missed our boat by three minutes. We passed the next hour and a half dozing in the truck. The wind was roaring past us and as the boat rolled in- no start! The truck was dead! We were first in line, but the line was directed around us. It took me 30 seconds to get the cables out, get the hood open and get 'em snapped on! Some guy in a golf card roared over and gave us a boost.

We loaded onto the ferry with only moments to spare. Well, that was about the first tense moment we've had on this tour. Of course, we can't start the truck to get it off the ferry either, so the ferry staff cheerfully boosted us, and down the ramp we go. PEI! We made it! Red dirt everywhere, and it looks like we are going to arrive on time for our show at Baba's Lounge. First a stop at Canadian Tire where they put a new battery in the truck and had us on our way in less than 15 minutes. I think the tour jackets must of impressed them. Anyhow, like everybody else here in eastern Canada they were really friendly and helpful.

To Baba's Lounge, a little upstairs place. A local band opened for us and they were pretty good. Dave and I were kind of worried at first- late show on a weeknight in a small city- but by showtime the place was full and we had a great listening crowd once again. After the show somebody came up and gave us smoked salmon sandwiches and loaves of home baked bread. Island hospitality! Back at the motel by around 2:30, we set the wake-up call for 6:AM. We'll need to make Fredericton by 11:00 AM to set up and do sound check for our noon hour concert. Did I forget anything? Oh, yeah- Dave says "hi." - Doc

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