Monday, September 24, 2007

NOW Lounge, Groovy Monday, Toronto, ON

Back at my place in Toronto, ON, Dave and I are officially on one of our rare "rest days." Of course, this means we'll be out on the town, and tonight this means we'll be at the NOW Lounge for the Groovy Monday songwriters stage anniversary party! I'd been invited earlier, but wasn't sure if we were going to be in shape to make it. But Dave and I are feeling pretty good- we can still sing, or croak, enough to do a few tunes. I emailed Liz back at the last minute, and she kindly got us into the line-up for that evening.

Over at the club we met Richard Flohil, Speak-music founder Jennifer Claveau, Brian Blain, Mr. Rick, Howard Gladstone, Johnny Devil, Scott B., Ian North, Heather Morgan, Jay Linden,... So many more! Can't list everybody, so don't feel slighted. It's all a blur! Dave and I left home in a hurry with only one case each, instead of our usual bunch of bags and boxes. I find I have no slides. Dave has no harps. Hmmm... We elect to play solo sets instead of the duo thing. Dave wants to play before I go on. OK. He's so damn good he pushes me every single night, and tonight is no exception. Dave tears the house down with a couple of tunes including "Atlanta Moan." It's my turn next, and I know I must of put it in the Zone. Took a minute to get back in my body and off the stage afterwards. Sometimes that happens. That's what this is all about. It's more than music or just playing a bunch of notes in the right places. Thanks, Groovy Monday. See you next time.

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