Sunday, November 11, 2007

Winding Down the Big Road Blues Tour

Another post? But the last show was last week! Yup, but for anybody who has been following the Big Road Blues Tour, I thought I should continue the blog a little longer. The Big Dave McLean- Doc MacLean Big Road Blues shows are over for the time being, but a tour of this size doesn't just shut down after the last set. On this Blog we've tried to share something of being on and in a national blues tour. I haven't spent too much time talking about the business end, but you have probably got the idea by now that there is a whole lot of computer-phone-Blackberry stuff going on in the margins. This would include approximately 1570 unique emails (900 0ut and 670 In), 30 phoners with media, 6 live radio shows, 2 pre-recorded radio shows, 1 television interview... Then there have been the ongoing press releases, timed for each market region, and the research needed to produce and maintain the media contacts. In the course of doing all this stuff four websites needed to be upgraded and maintained. Databases needed to be merged. The Tour needed to be conceptualized, branded and marketed. Over 55 individual contracts had to be negotiated for the 60 plus shows that the Tour became. Merch needed to be financed, manufactured, packaged and shipped. Accounts needed to be maintained for all expenses and income, both personal and tour. The bound Tour Book guiding our daily activities was nearly 2 inches thick! This included maps, directions, hotel information, tech information, stage and show requirements, drive times, special instructions... Excel spreadsheets were created and maintained to track projected highs, lows, and actuals for every aspect of the Tour. I guess what I'm trying to say is that a tour of this nature ramps up and ramps down. The part you see and hear is in the middle.

Anyway, the past week has been used in finishing up the accounting, uploading 600 tour pictures, editing the Tour Blogs, and repairing the truck. Also laundry, dry cleaning, email sorting, and merch inventory. This week I'll move into filing SOCAN performance reports and thank you notes, and will write up a final Blog for this Tour. I'll also be overhauling some gear, picking up a new laptop, paying my accountant, paying Revenue Canada, checking up on the Junos, and running in High Park. I gained 10 pounds on the tour- that part was not well planned! Note: bring the runners next Tour.

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