Sunday, November 4, 2007

Big Road Blues- Goin' Home

Dave is around to my hotel by about 11:15 AM. We jump in the Caddy and go for brunch with Patti. Good food at some joint in Osbourne Village. After dropping Patti we head back to the hotel parking lot to clean out the tour van and re-pack my gear for air travel. The good news is that, upon close inspection, I see that the rental paperwork actually makes note of that little ripple in the bumper!! In other words, we're good to return this truck without fear. It's been a great little van. A Dodge Grand Caravan with sliding doors on each side, nice stereo, good cruise control, and pretty nice on gas. The heating controls for driver and passenger have been wonderful, and it's had all the go that we've needed to get half way across Canada and back. You can tell from the blog that neither Dave or myself are into minivans, but we learned to love this one. It was the perfect ride for this tour, and I was sorry to have to give it back.

We loaded all my gear into Dave's Caddy for the trip to the airport. Before setting out, Dave presented me with an old, off-white, lunch box sized case that said "Shure" on the outside. Sure enough- on the inside was a vintage PE55 mic. Wow! What a cool gift. I've always wanted one of these. Thanks, Dave, that was really kind. A quick handshake and I'm outside departures with all my gear in a cart. We've said it all. In the WestJet departure lounge I run into Digging Roots, a great band from Ontario. Raven tells me they are going back to Toronto after doing a few gigs in the Winnipeg area including the Casino. Cool work. I'm always glad to catch up with these folks. I'll see them again in a couple of hours as we wait at Oversize Baggage for our gear!

I'm the middle seat between an older woman (who weeps for the entire trip) and a crew-cut dude who is reading weapons brochures. Shit, this guy has got pictures of bombs and missiles and diagrams of their construction- and he's reading this stuff openly. If he wasn't so white they'd have him back in security with a flashlight up his privates. I can't believe he could bring this stuff through security. I guess they just look at dangerous stuff like microphones and guitars. Not a word is spoken between Winnipeg and Toronto.

Alasdair and Wendy met me at Toronto. After a big hug we go out for pizza. The bill, including two root beers, comes to $47 for a large pizza. Parking was $8. Welcome back to Toronto! I'll be missing those woodstoves I've enjoyed across the rest of Canada.

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